Johan Engvall

Non-resident Senior Fellow



Johan Engvall is a Non-resident Senior Research Fellow with the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center. Engvall is also a Researcher at the Swedish Institute for International Affairs. His expertise is in state building, political economy, corruption and organized crime, with a particular focus on Central Asia. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Government from Uppsala University, as well as a degree in Political Science from Stockholm University.

Selected Publications

Johan Engvall, Between Bandits and Bureaucrats: 30 Years of Parliamentary Development in Kyrgyzstan, CACI-SRSP Silk Road Paper, January 2022.

Johan Engvall, Religion and the Secular State in Kyrgyzstan, CACI-SRSP Silk Road Paper, June 2020.

Svante E. Cornell and Johan Engvall, Kazakhstan in Europe: Why Not? CACI-SRSP Silk Road Paper, October 2017.

9780822964131Johan Engvall, The State as an Investment Market: Kyrgyzstan in Comparative Perspective, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016. See also podcast on book at Sean's Russia blog, November 2016.

Svante E. Cornell, Johan Engvall and S. Frederick Starr, Kazakhstan 2014: The Next Twenty-Five Years, CACI-SRSP Silk Road Paper, November 2016.

Johan Engvall and Svante E. Cornell, Asserting Statehood: Kazakhstan's Role in International Organizations, CACI-SRSP Silk Road Paper, December 2015.

Johan Engvall, "The State as Investment Market: A Framework for Interpreting the Post-Soviet State in Eurasia", Governance, 2014. 

Johan Engvall, Gosudarstvo kak investitsionnyi rynok. Osmyslenie korruptsii v Kyrgyzstane. Bishkek: Altyn Print, 2013. 2nd edition 2014.

Johan Engvall, "Why are Public Offices Sold in Kyrgyzstan?", Post-Soviet Affairs,vol. 30 no. 1, 2014.

Johan Engvall, Against the Grain: How Georgia Fought Corruption and What It Means, Silk Road Paper, September 2012. 

Johan Engvall, The State as an Investment Market: An Analytical Framework for Interpreting Politics and Bureaucracy in Kyrgyzstan, Uppsala University, 2011.

Johan Engvall, Flirting with State Failure: Power and Politics in Kyrgyzstan since Independence, Silk Road Paper, July 2011. 

Johan Engvall, "Kyrgyzstan: Anatomy of a State", Problems of Post-Communism, Volume 54, No. 4, July/August 2007, pp. 33-45 


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