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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

CACI FORUM: The Chechnya Counterinsurgency and Beyond

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

CACI Forum

"The Chechnya Counterinsurgency and Beyond"

Two key aspects of insurgency and counterinsurgency in Chechnya will be the focus of this Forum: tactics and financing.  Dr. Souleimanov will examine Russia's counterinsurgency in the North Caucasus, concentrating on Chechnya and singling out various tactics used by Federal forces and pro-Moscow Chechen paramilitary units, kadyrovtsy.  Dr. Šmíd will deal specifically with the financing of insurgency and counterinsurgency of both Ramzan Kadyrov's pro-Moscow Chechen government and its adversary, the Chechnya-based Islamist insurgency.  These presentations will include a comprehensive look at the socio-cultural aspects of the Chechen and Dagestani counterinsurgencies, to include an analysis of their causes, evolution, and future prospects in these largest of the autonomous republics of the North Caucasus.   

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Dr.  Tomáš Šmíd, Division of Security and Strategic Studies, 

Masaryk University, Czech Republic


Dr. Emil Souleimanov, Associate Professor, 

Institute of International Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


Mamuka Tsereteli, Research Director, 

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute/Silk Road Studies Program, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

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