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Research Fields

The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program fosters both fundamental and applied research in a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, with a focus on issues of conflict, security and development. This research ranges from short research projects involving a sole researcher to larger, multi-year cooperative endeavors involving numerous researchers. This research is undertaken mainly at the Center's two offices, but often involves sponsoring research in the field.

The Centers often receives scholars in Washington and Stockholm, either as Fellows or Guest Scholars. With funding either from the Center itself or from collaborating institutions or sponsors, such visitors carry out research leading to monographs, articles, policy papers, or presentations in various media. Scholars stay for periods ranging from a few weeks to a year or more. Since the founding of its two components, the Center has hosted close to 50 Fellows and guest scholars. These have come from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as from every country in the region itself. Among their number have been former and future ministers, heads of institutes of Strategic Studies, academics, NGO pioneers, western ambassadors to the region, military experts, and senior parliamentary staffers. In fields formerly dominated by males, women have been prominent among scholars at the Center.

The Center's research is conducted along thematic as well as regional lines. These thematic and geographic research areas typically involve several specific sub-projects. This site provides the opportunity to browse the Center's research either thematically or geographically.

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