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March 19
Silk Road Seminar
"Advancing Freedom of Expression in Turkey", with David Kramer, Dunja Mijatovic, Marc Pierini, Orhan Kemal Cengiz, Ihsan Yilmaz, Tulin Daloglu, Utku Cakirözer, Andrew Finkel, and Ramazan Cayli.

March 14
CACI Forum
"Iran and the Caucasus", with Brenda Shaffer, Alex Vatanka and Temuri Yakobashvili. (Click here for video)

March 7
Silk Road Forum
"Challenges and Perspectives: Georgia after the Elections", with H.E. Alex Petriashvili.(Stockholm)

March 1
CACI Joint Forum
"Georgia: Political Power Transfer and Its International Implications" with Vladimir Socor, Svante E. Cornell and Damon Wilson, in cooperation with the Jamestown Foundation.

February 27
CACI Forum "The American University of Afghanistan: U.S.' Premier Legacy on Afghan Soil?" with C. Michael Smith, Leslie M. Schweitzer, and Zalmay Khalilzad.

February 13
CACI Forum
"The WTO and the Central Asian States", with Ambassadors Kairat Umarov, Muktar Djumaliev, Nuriddin Shamsov, and Ilhom Nematov, and Mara Burr and Laurie Curry.

January 31
CACI Forum
"Turkmenistan Update: The Domestic Scene", with Veronica Bacalu, Slawomir Horak, and Jan Sir. (Video online)

December 12
Silk Road Forum
"The EU's Southern Energy Corridor: Is It Happening?", with Matthew J. Bryza. (Stockholm)

December 11
CACI Forum
"Finish the Job: Jump-start Afghanistan’s Economy. A Handbook of Projects," with Adib Farhadi, S. Frederick Starr, and Geoggrey R. Pyatt.

December 4

CACI Forum "An Important Program on the Economies of Central Asian countries and Afghanistan", with Juha Kähkönen, Guanghua Wan, and Joji Tokeshi. Organized in cooperation with the IMF and the ADB.

November 13
CACI Forum
"Reviving Central Asia’s Religious Ties with the Indian Subcontinent: the Jama’at al Tabligh" with Bayram Balci. (Video online)

November 8
CACI Forum
Implications of U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 on Central Asia, the Caucasus and Mongolia" with the Fall 2012 Rumsfeld Fellows.(Video online)

November 7
CACI Forum "Turkey and the Syrian Crisis: Understanding Ankara's Motivations" with M. Kemal Kaya (organized in cooperation with the SAIS Middle East Studies Program).(Video online)

October 3
CACI Forum
"Afghanistan and the Politics of Regional Economic Integration in Central and South Asia", with Jawed Ludin.

September 25

CACI Forum Azerbaijan as a Regional Hub in Central Eurasia: A Strategic Assessment of Euro-Asian Trade and Transportation,” with Taleh Ziyadov and Mamuka Tsereteli.

May 18
CACI Forum "Islamic Finance in Central Asia – Caucasus Region: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities," with Dr. Fouad Aliyev. (Video)

May 17
CACI Forum Tajikistan and Central Asia in Light of 2014", with H.E. Hamrokhon Zarifi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan. (Video)

May 16
CACI Forum "Intellectual life in Today's Iran and Links with Central Asia" with Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr. (Video)

April 23
CACI Forum "Regional Economic Cooperation and Unleashing the Private Sector: The Keys to Successful Transition in Afghanistan", with Sham Bathija and Noorullah Delawari. (Video)

April 18
CACI ForumFuture of Kyrgyzstan's Economy: Views of a Vice Prime Minister, Development Expert, and Businessman,” with Joomart Otorbaev.

April 11
CACI Forum "Azeris of Iran: Their Condition, Status, and Future Prospects", with Dr. Shapoor Ansari and Huseyn Panahov.


April 11-17
Visiting Researchers A 3-person delegation from the Institute for Disarmament and Peace, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is visiting Uppsala.

April 12-13
Workshop on "Conflict Management - Towards Confidence Building and Trust" in Uppsala.

April 16-May 15
Visiting Researcher Dr Janet Xuanli Liao, the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee, Scotland is visiting Uppsala [bio].

Lecture on "Terrorism in Turkey" at Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm by Dr. Ihsan Bal, the Director of the Center for International Security, Terrorism and Ethnic Conflict at the International Strategic Research Organization (ISRO), Ankara.

April 9
1CACI Forum "Europe's Evolving Interests and Policies in the South Caucasus and Caspian", with H.E. Mr. Peter Semneby, EU Special Representative to the South Caucasus.

March 28
CACI Forum "Kyrgyzstan: The Last Chance for Democracy in Central Asia" with Bakyt Beshimov, AUCA, and Anara Tabyshalieva.

March 27
Workshop on “Nepal Water Security Forum - An Academic Forum for Policy Making in the South Asian Region” in Uppsala, Sweden.

March 22
Lecture on "The Role of the Military in Turkish Politics: the Balance Between Security and Human Rights" by Dr. Ishan Dagi

March 21
Workshop on "Conflict Prevention and Management in the Taiwan Strait - Challenges and Opportunities", Stockholm

March 21
1CACI Forum "Azerbaijan's Regional and International Role", with Elmar Mammedyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Washington DC.

Feature Joint Center's Uppsala office featured prominently in Uppsala University's yearly magazine Horisont.

Visiting Researcher Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti, Kathmandu University, Nepal, is visiting Uppsala.

March 15
CACI Forum "Engaging Post-Turkmenbashi Turkmenistan", with David Merkel, former NSC Director for Central Asia.

March 13-14
Workshop "Taipei Workshop on Conflict Management" in Taipei, Taiwan.

March 12

Conference ”Stockholm-Taipei 2007 International Conflict Management Conference - Managing Conflict for Modus Vivendi” in Taipei, Taiwan.

March 8-9

Conference on "The Need for Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management in Sino-Japanese relations", Tokyo Japan.

March 1 - April 30

Visiting Researcher
Dr Joris Van Bladel is visiting Uppsala. [bio]

February 27
CACI Forum Author Presentation and Reading From "Georgia Diary: A chronicle of War and Political Chaos in the Post-Soviet Caucasus", with Thomas Goltz.

February 22

Turkey Forum "The Role of Religion in Turkish Politics", with Prof. Dogu Ergil, organized jointly with Swedish Defense College, Stockholm.

February 23 - May
Visiting Researcher Dr. Sangsoo Lee is visiting Uppsala. [bio]

February 14
CACI Forum "New ideas Versus Old Thinking on the Conflicts in Georgia", with Vladimir Socor, Jamestown Foundation. [Click for audio]

February 12
Workshop on "The Role of Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations", Stockholm.

February 8
CACI Forum "Europe and Central Asia", with Pierre Morel, EU Special Representative for Central Asia".

February 8

Turkey Forum "New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy", with Prof. Mensur Akgun, Director of TESEV's foreign policy program, organized jointly with Swedish Defense College, Stockholm.

February 6
1CACI Forum "Central Asian Economic Integration: An American Perspective", with Evan Feigenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. [Click for audio]

February 6
China and Eurasia Forum "US-China-Russia Relations in Central Asia: Cautious Competitors, Reticent Partners", with Pan Guang, Shanghai Center for SCO Studies, with CSIS, Washington DC.

February 5
Visiting Researcher Karl Harbo, Head of Delegation of the European Commission to Afghanistan 2002-2006 joined the Uppsala office as an Associate Senior Research Fellow.

February 1
1CACI Forum "Kyrgyzstan's New Constitution: A Way Out of the Political Crisis?", with Marat Sultanov, Speaker of Kyrgyzstan's Parliament.[Click for audio]

January 31
CACI Forum "An Afghan Civil Society Movement - Sacrificers for Peace", with Hamed Wardak, the movement's Founder. [Click for audio]

January 25-March
Visiting Researcher Prof. Dogu Ergil of Ankara University is visiting the Uppsala Office on a STINT Fellowship.

January 22-25
Workshop on ”Negotiation, Conflict Management and Coalition Building” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


December 13

CACI Forum H.E. Mr. Zurab Noghaideli, Prime Minister of Georgia, spoke on "Three Years After the Rose Revolution: Democratic Reform and Regional Challenges", Washington DC, 5.00-7.00 PM.

December 13

CACI Forum "The Emerging Political Life in Azerbaijan", with Asim Mollazade, Chairman, Democratic Reforms Party of Azerbaijan.

December 12-13
Workshop in Riga, Latvia on Countering Narcotics and Organized Crime in the Baltic Region within the project on narcotics and organized crime in Eurasia.

December 6
CACI Forum "The Program for the North Caucasus of Dmitri Kozak, Putin's Special Representative There", with John B. Dunlop, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution.

December 5

Silk Road Forum on “The Energy Security and Geopolitics in Central Eurasia: A Chinese Perspective” with Associate Prof. Guo Xuetang, Deputy Director of Institute of International Politics at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

November 27

Silk Road Forum on “China's Changing Policy on UN Peacekeeping Operations”, with Associate Prof. He Yin of China Peacekeeping CIVPOL Training Center, Armed Police Forces Academy, China.

November 16-17
Workshop on the Political Economy of Money Laundering in Eurasia, within the project on narcotics and organized crime in Eurasia.

November 7

Silk Road Forum on “Current trends of contemporary Chinese Studies in Japan”, with Professor Kokubun of Keio University and “The Cultural Revolution”, with Dr. M. Schoenhals, Lund University..

November 7
Silk Road Forum on “The Politics of History in Sino-Japanese Relations”, with Prof. Kokubun, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

November 2
Silk Road Forum on "China's defense policy and PLA modernization", with Ms. Liu Lin, Academy of Military Science, Beijing, China.

18 October
Silk Road Forum on "Russia's Policy in Eurasia: Energy and Frozen Conflicts", with Vladimir Socor.

11 October
Silk Road Forum on "Asia's Regional Security Architecture" with Dr Eric Teo.

2-26 October
Visiting Researcher Mr. Vladimir Socor, Senior Fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, joined the Center's Uppsala office.

6 October
Silk Road Forum on "China-Southeast Asia relations" with Dr Eric Teo.

4 October
Silk Road Seminar on "Sino-Japanese relations" with Dr Eric Teo.

1- 21 October
Visiting researcher Ms. Kherlen Badarch, Dept. of Sociology and Psychology, Academy of Management, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is visiting Uppsala.

September 2006-April 2007
Visiting Researcher Dr. Kuban Amanaliev, International University of Kyrgyzstan, joined the Center's Washington office as a Fulbright Scholar.

28 Sep 2006 - 17 Oct 2006
Visiting Researcher Dr Eric Teo, Council Member, Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) is visiting Uppsala.

25 - 30 September
Workshop on ”Negotiation, Conflict Management and Coalition Building” with participants from Mongolia.

September 2006-February 2007
Visiting Researcher Dr. Laili Babaeva, from the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, joined the Center's Washington office as a Fulbright Scholar.

28 September
Silk Road Forum on “Managing the North Korea nuclear problem” with Mark Fitzpatrick, IISS, Uppsala.

27 September
CACI Forum on "Tajikistan in 2006: An Ambassadorial Perspective", with Ambassador Richard Hoagland, former U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan.

20 September
CACI Forum on "Caspian Energy: over-hyped and under-risked?", with Dr. Maureen Crandall, in cooperation with SAIS' International Energy and Environment Program.

September 11
Silk Road Forum on “Central Asia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” with Dr. Pan Guang.

1 Sep 2006 - 31 May 2007
Visiting Researcher Associate Prof. He Yin of China Peacekeeping CIVPOL Training Center, China is visiting Uppsala.

31 August
Silk Road Forum on Cross-Strait Relations and Conflict Management, with Prof. Peter Tzeng, Uppsala.

31 August
Silk Road Forum with Major Liu Lin from the Academy of Military Science, Beijing.

28 Aug - 6 Sep
Visiting Researcher Prof. Peter Tzeng from Tatung University in Taiwan is visiting Uppsala.

23-26 August
Workshop on “Managing Conflict, Providing for Peace” in Stockholm.

7 August
ElmarThe Joint Center hosted a dinner meeting with Hon. Elmar Mamedyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, in Stockholm, Sweden.

20 Aug - 30 Nov
Visiting Researcher Major Liu Lin from the Academy of Military Science in Beijing is visiting Uppsala.

6 July
TokayevW.P. Carey Forum Address by Hon. Kassymzhomart Tokayev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Washington DC. Click here to listen to the remarks and here for the Q&A session. Click here for text of address



November 7-8
Workshop on Organized Crime and Counter Narcotics efforts in the Baltic Sea Region in Riga, supported by Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator.

October 5
W.P. Carey Forum on "Russia's Role in the New Eurasia: A Geopolitical View", with Aleksandr Dugin, Russian political and strategic thinker.

August 11
W. P. Carey Forum on "Tajikistan in the Central Asian corridor of Reform", with Amb. Richard E. Hoagland, U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan.

1-2 June
Conference on Countering Narcotics and Organized Crime in the Baltic Sea Region, Stockholm.

May 24
W. P. Carey Forum on "The U.S.-Afghan Partnership", with H.E. President Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. Listen to President Karzai's Speech

May 19-20
Conference on New Security Threats in Eurasia: Implications for the Euro-Atlantic Space, Stockholm.

May 11
W. P. Carey Forum on "The Rise of the Turkic World", with Hugh Pope, Istanbul Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

May 8-July 2
Guest Researcher Dr. Mamuka Tsereteli of American University joined the Center to work on cooperation between Europe and Central Eurasia in economic security.

May 4
W. P. Carey Forum on "Kyrgyzstan's Path Toward Democracy", with Ambassador Stephen Young, U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan

April 20, 2005,
W. P. Carey Forum on A "Greater Central Asia Partnership" for Afghanistan and Its Neighbors", with S. Frederick Starr

11 April
Silk Road Forum on "The North Korean Problem: the Post 9/11 Phase" with Prof. Daojiong Zha, Renmin University, Beijing

8-9 April
Workshop on Conflict Mangement and Conflict Prevention, Uppsala, supported by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and The Swedish Research Council.

6-7 April
Workshop on narcotics and organized crime issues in the Baltic region, in Riga, Latvia. The event was sposored by the Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator.

7 April
Lecture on "China's Energy Policies in an Era of Increasing Interdependence" by Daojiong Zha, Renmin University, China, in cooperation with the Uppsala University Forum for International and Area Studies.

17 March
Silk Road Seminar on "China’s Security Strategy on its Periphery" with Dr. Hua Han, Assoc. Prof., School of International Studies, Peking University, Beijing.

16 March
Silk Road Forum on "Efforts to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance in
the Post 9/11 Era
" with Dr. Trifin Roule Research Fellow, Silk Road Studies Program and Senior Intelligence Analyst with Northrop Grumman Corp. Washington D.C.