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A main task of the Joint Center is the publication and dissemination of its research to a large and varied audience consisting of both policymakers, academics, and the educated public. The Centers aspires to fulfill this task in three main ways. The first is a strong tradition of encouraging its staff to publish the findings of their research in a wide variety of outlets. The fruits of this tradition, the various books and articles produced by the Institute's staff, can be found under the "Staff Publications" heading of this page.

The Center itself issues a variety of publications on the issues under its mandate. These range from a series of books and of occasional papers to a leading biweekly journal of analysis and news digests.

- The Center's main book series is published in cooperation with M.E. Sharpe Publishers. It aspires to publish the leading research on the region in a manner accessible to a wider audience. Recently published volumes include the first comprehensive analysis of the Russia-Georgia war, a 600-page book on the Xinjiang region of China, as well as a guide to Washington, DC, for Central Asia and Caucasus studies. The Center also regularly publish other books.

- The Silk Road Papers is the Center's Occasional Papers series. Ranging from 50 to 150 pages in length, the Papers are an avenue for the rapid publication of research in a concise and accessible yet rigorous manner. An average of six to ten Papers are produced yearly. The Papers are published electronically and in print, and are freely available online.

- The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst is a globally leading periodical for analysis and information on the region, accessible freely at http://www.cacianalyst.org/ . Established in 1999, the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst has established itself among the world's most authoritative sources of analysis and information on the region. The CACI Analyst is edited by Dr. Svante Cornell. The website enables visitors to read single articles or download entire issues in Portable Document Format, and includes a fully searchable archive of over 500 articles published since 1999. Each issue of the CACI Analyst contains four analytical articles, four field reports, and a news digest. Through this format, the CACI Analyst strives to offer original insights on developments in the region. The analytical articles offer timely but succinct studies of important developments, written by some of the leading experts in the field, both western and regional. The field reports provide perspectives from within the region on ongoing processes and events taking place there. Finally, the news digests give readers reliable data on relevant events of the last fortnight.

- The Turkey Analyst is the sister publication focusing on Turkish politics and foreign policy. It is also biweekly, featuring two analyses and a digest of the current Turkish debate.

- The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly is an English language global Web journal devoted to analysis of the current issues facing China and Eurasia. The journal can be obtained in print for a fee. It serves to link the business, governmental, journalistic and scholarly communities and is the global voice of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and the Silk Road Studies Program.