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Think tanks and research institutions

American Bar Association


The Asia Foundation

Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Program - Home Page

Baker Energy Forum - Research

Berkeley - Caucasus and Central Asia Program

Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Russian & Eurasian Program

Carnegie Moscow Center

CDI - Center for Defense Information - Security Policy Research Organization

Central Asia and the Caucasus Center for Social and Political Studies

Centre for Baltic Studies

Central Eurasian Studies World Wide

Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution

Center for Regional and Transboundary Studies, Volgograd State University

Center for Regional Studies, Barnaul State Pedagogical University

Center for Strategic and International Studies Russia-Eurasia Program

Central and Inner Asian Studies, University of Toronto

Central Asia and the Caucasus Center for Social and Political Studies

Central Asia Agency of Political Research  

Central Asian Watchdog

Central Eurasian Studies World Wide

Chatham House - China Project

China Academy for Social Sciences Society for Eurasian Studies

China Foreign Affaire University


Danish Society for Central Asia

East - West Center

East West Institute Central Asia page

Eurasia Foundation

European Institute for Asian Studies

Eurasia Research Center

European Rim Policy and Investment Council

European Society for Central Asia Studies

FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut

The Folke Bernadotte Academy


Harvard University Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus


India-Central Asia Foundation

Institute of Regional Studies

International Crisis Group Central Asia Page

International Organization for Migration - Technical Cooperation Center for Europe and Central Asia

International Relations and Security Network ISN - Home

IPCS - Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

Iranian Center for Research on Russia, Central Asia, and Caucasus

IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks - UN) Central Asia page

IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board) Eurasia page

Jamestown Foundation

The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame

Johns Hopkins University Project on Eurasian Security

Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research

Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University

National Bureau of Asian Research

National Council for Eurasian and East European Research

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

Pacific Forum Program - Center For Strategic & International Studies

Preventive Diplomacy Program - Center For Strategic & International Studies

Quarterly Electronic Journal on East Asian Bilateral Relations

RAND Center for Russia and Eurasia

RAND Research Area Terrorism and Homeland Security Research

Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies

Russian Security Project

Shanghai Institute of International Studies

Silk Road Fundation

Soros Foundation Central Eurasia Project

Swedish Institute of International Affairs

University of Central Asia

Williams College Afghan Media Project

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Arms Control Association Country Resources

Asia Plus Information Agency [Tajikistan]

Asian Studies Development Program

Central Asia documents and links

Central Asia maps

Central Asian Internet Resources

China Data [in Russian]

China-Eurasia Chronology and Official Document

China Vitae

Chinese Natural Resources Database

CNS - North Korea Special Collection 

Documents on the SCO

Electronic Publications about Asia

Energy Information Agency

Eurasia Savvy

Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region: A List of Sources

Information-Analytic Center Eurasia

International Boundary News Database

Internet Guide for China Studies

Japan Focus

Japan Information Access Project

Japan Links

Media in China

News about China

NIAS Linc - A Nordic Resource Centre for Research and Information on Asia

NIS-related sites 

Natural Resources in China

Research Organizations focusing on Asia 

Russia and East European Network Information Central Asia links page

Slavic-Eurasian Studies Web

Tajikistan Update

University of Texas map collection

U.S. Embassy, Seoul, Information Resource Center - Background on U.S.-Korea Relations

Virtual Information Center

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Featured Papers and other Publications

A Letter from Kashgar: China's Wild West (permission to post has been granted by the Editor of the American Journal of Chinese Studies)

Autonomy in Xinjiang: Han Nationalist Imperatives and Uyghur Discontent (East-West Center)

Central and Southwest Asian Countries: Trends in US Assistance and

Key Economic, Governance, and Demographic Characteristics(GAO)

China and Asia in the New International Climate (IREX)

China and the Emerging Eurasian Agenda: From Special Interests to Strategic Cooperation
(The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies, Bond University, Australia)

China's New Journey to the West: China's Emergence in Central Asia and Implications for U.S. Interests (CSIS)

China's Relations with Central Asian States and Problems with Terrorism (CRS)

Chinese Policy Toward Russia and the Central Asian Republics (RAND)

Countering Global Terrorism: Developing the Antiterrorist Capabilities of the Central Asian Militaries (Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College)

Eurasia on the Move: The Regional Implications of Mass Labor Migrations (Brookings Institution)

In the Tracks of Tamerlane: Central Asia's Path to the 21st Century

International Relations in Central-Eastern Asia (Brookings Institution)

Kyrgyzstan's Security Tightrope: Balancing its Relations With Moscow and Washington
(Foreign Military Studies Office, US Army)

La Chine et la Nouvelle Asie Centrale [in French]

Narcotic Interdiction in Central Asia and Afghanistan (Open Societies Institute)

Revisiting the 12 Myths of Central Asia (Carnegie Endowment Working Paper)

The China Debate (Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies)

The Future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Harvard Asia Quarterly)

The Islamic Factor and the OSCE Stabilization Strategy in Its Euro-Asian Region (Centre for OSCE Research, University of Hamburg)

The International Politics of Central Eurasia (Central Eurasian Publications OnLine)

The Russian Military: Power and Policy (Carnegie Endowment Panel)

The Sino-Russian "Strategic Partnership": Current Views from the Border and Beijing (Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University)

Uighur Muslim Separatists Special Report (Virtual Information Center)

Update on Energy Sector Activities and Plans in China (Tsinghua University)

Update on Energy Sector Activities and Plans in the Russian Far East (Tsinghua University)

US Security Interests in Central Asia (Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College)

US Security Policy Towards South Asia after September 11th and its Implications for China: A Chinese Perspective (Stimson Center

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Government websites and Non-Governmental Organizations
News (in English)
News (in Russian)


Government websites and Non-Governmental Organizations

Agreement on Foundation of Eurasian Economic Community

British Consulate-General Hong Kong

Central Asian NGOs

Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA)

Eurasian Economic Community

Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan)

GUUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova)

Human Rights Watch - Europe and Central Asia

International Trade Adminsitration (US) - Energy Division: China

Internet Access and Training Program in Central Asia

Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Document Archive

Korean Institute for National Unifiaction (KINU)

Links for the Government of Kazakhstan

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA): Energy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

Multilateral Organizations in Central Asia

Official website of Kazakhstan

OSCE - Central Asia

United Nations Development Program - Socio-Economic Statistics of Uzbekistan

US-China Economic and Security Review Commission

US Department of State Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

US Department of State - East Asia and the Pacific

US Chamber of Commerce - Europe and Eurasia

Water Users Association of Central Asia

World Bank in Europe and Central Asia

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News (in English)

ABC Online

Acta Eurasica

Asia Today's Asia Source

Asia Times

Asian Wall Street Journal

The Australian 

BBC Asia

CACI Analyst

Caucasian Regional Studies

Caucaz Europe News

Central Asia and the Caucasus Journal

Central Asia Daily

Central Asia Media Online

Central Asian-Caucasus Analyst

China Daily

China Energy News

China in Brief

Central Eurasian Studies Online

China Leadership Monitor

CNN Asia

Economist Asia


Far Eastern Economic Review


Global Beat - Central Asia

Inner Asia

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

Interfax Kazakhstan

International Herald Tribune - Asia - Pacific

IWPR - Central Asia

Journal of Central Asian Studies


Korean Central News Agency of DPRK


Kyrgyz National News Agency 

Kyrgyzstan Review  

Moscow Times

Muslim Uzbekistan

New York Times - general

New York Times _ Asia

Offshore Caspian

OMRI Daily Digest/Transitions Online

People's Daily

Post Soviet Armies Newsletter


Project Syndicate

Radio Free Asia


Russia-Eurasia Review

Russia Report (China-Russia Relations)


Straits Times

Taipei Times - TaipeiTimes

The Russia Journal

Times of Central Asia

Uighur Information Agency


Uzbekistan Breaking News

Uzbekistan News

Voice of America

Washington Post Asia Section


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News (in Russian)



Ferghana News




Khabar (Kazakh)

Kyrgyzstan Review



Nezavisimar Gazeta

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