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The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program organize periodic forums in their respective locations as well as occasional joint conferences. In Washington, the CACI Forum has developed into the country's premier locus for rigorous discussion of issues pertaining to Central Asia and the Caucasus. In Stockholm, the Silk Road Forum fosters discussions on the region in a similar manner. Please find below current and past forums, most of which have event summaries and audi links.

Upcoming Forums

Forums and Conferences in Past Chronological Order:

April 4
CACI Forum Two Important Presentations on Afghanistan's Economic Development” with Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady and Leif Rosenberger.

March 29
Silk Road Forum "Gülenists versus the AKP - The Implications of the New Power Struggle in Turkey between the AKP and the Gülen Brotherhood", with Gareth H. Jenkins and Halil M. Karaveli.

February 22
CACI Forum "Trans-Boundary Water Management in Central Asia: Challenges and Opportunities," with Elbek U. Saidov. (Video online)

February 10
CACI Forum "China, Pakistan and Afhanistan: Security and Trade", with Dr. Pan Guang. (Video online)

February 1
CACI Forum A Conversation with H.E. Ambassador Elin Suleymanov, Azerbaijan’s Newly Accredited Ambassador to the U.S."

January 25
 aCACI Forum "U.S. Interests in Central Asia and
Its Strategy for Advancing Them
", with Assistant Secretary of State Robert O. Blake, Jr. (Video online)

January 11
CACI Forum"Alternative Future Economic Scenarios for Central Asia", with Richard Pomfret. 

November 30-December 1
CACI is pleased to support the "Silk Road Summit" organized bythe Economist, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

November 9
CACI Forum "'New Silk Road' Strategy: Views from the Region", Featuring the Autumn 2011 Rumsfeld Fellows at CACI. 

September 29
CACI Forum "The U.S.'s "New Silk Road" Strategy: what is it? Where is it headed?" with Robert D. Hormats, Sham Bathija, and Juan Miranda (with CSIS) Click here for video of event.

September 7
CACI Forum "Ferghana Valley: Heart of Central Asia", book presentation with S. Frederick Starr.

June 23

CACI Forum
"View from the Inside: Members of the Kyrgyz Parliament on the Current Situation in Kyrgyzstan," with Almazbek Baatyrbekov, Dastan Bekeshev, Elmira Imanalieva, Bakytbek Kalmamatov, Daniyar Terbishaliev, and John M. O'Keefe.

June 22

Silk Road Forum
"Turkey's Foreign Policy in a New Mediterranean Environment", with Amb. Selim Yenel. (Stockholm)

June 1
CACI Forum CAREC and the Future of Economic Development in Afghanistan and Central Asia”, with Johannes Linn, Leif Rosenberger, Robert Schoellhammer, and S. Frederick Starr

May 30
Silk Road Seminar
"Renegotiating Turkey? The June 12 general election and the prospects of democratization and constitutional reform", with Hasan B. Kahraman, Kadri Gürsel, Andrew Finkel, and Ihsan Dagi. (Stockholm)

May 17

CACI Forum "Is the Economic Glass for Central Asia and the Caucasus Half Empty or Half Full?", co-organized with the IMF, featuring David Owen, Jennifer Leonard, and Kazi Matin. April 26
CACI Forum The Impact of Events in the Arab World on Central Asia and the Caucasus, Part II,” with the participants in the Young Fellows program. 

April 18
CACI Forum "The Impact of Events in the Arab World on Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Turkey"with Anthony Bowyer, John E. Herbst, Halil Karaveli, and Ross L. Wilson. 

April 7 
CACI Forum "Kyrgyzstan A Year Later: How Will It End?",with Anvar Bugazov, Alisher Khamidov and Zamyra Sydykova. 

March 18
CACI Forum Basic Principles for the Rehabilitation of Azerbaijan’s Post-Conflict Territories” with Eldar Ismailov and Nazim Muzaffarli.

March 10 
Silk Road Forum "Unreconciled Differences: Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan ", with Scott Taylor. (Stockholm)

February 15 
CACI Forum Crisis in the North Caucasus: Anyway Out?” with Ilyas Akhmadov, Glen Howard, and Andrei Illarionov. 

February 2
CACI Forum Turkmenistan: A New Identity?” with S. Frederick Starr. 

January 18
Silk Road Forum"Georgia's European Way: Reflections of an EU Ambassador to Georgia", with Amb. Per Eklund (Stockholm). 

January 13
CACI Forum "Azerbaijan since Independence", with Svante E. Cornell. 

January 12
CACI Forum "Secrets of the Silk Road", with Victor Maier, in cooperation with the Archeological Institute of America and the Washington DC Society.



December 2
CACI Forum "Recovery and Risks: Economies of the Caucasus and Central Asia Today: the IMF’s Latest Findings and Policy Recom-mendations" with Dr. David Owen, in cooperation with the IMF.

November 10
CACI Forum Does the US matter to governments and people in Central Asia and the Caucasus? Should it?”, featuring members of CACI's Young Leaders Program.

October 27
CACI Forum
What Are America’s Real Commitments in Afghanistan?,” with Dr. Ali A. Jalali.

October 18
CACI Forum
Turkey's New Approach to the Kurdish Issue:  A Turning Point for Turkey and for the Region?” with Halil M. Karaveli and Henri J. Barkey.

October 13
CACI Forum
"The Caspian's Changing Role in Global Energy" With Amb. Richard Morningstar and Dr. Brenda Shaffer.

September 23
CACI Forum "Update on Central Asia: Security, Stability and U.S. Policy", with Pierre More, Ariel Cohen, Johan Engvall and Alexandros Petersen.

September 15
CACI Forum "Update on the Caucasus Today and U.S. Policy There" with Stephen Blank and Svante Cornell.

June 23
CACI Forum "The Storm in Kyrgyzstan: Causes and Directions", with Baktybek Beshimov and Baktybek Abdrisaev.

June 16
CACI Forum An IMF View of the Impact of Global Economic Revival for the Caucasus and Central Asia,” with Rathna Sahay and Sergei Gretsky.

June 9
CACI Forum "The Key to Success in Afghanistan", with S. Frederick Starr and Andrew Kuchins.

May 25
CACI ForumTurkmenistan – a Promised Land for Business? Macroeconomic Reforms under Berdymukhammedov”, with Jan Šír.

May 12
CACI Forum Reconnecting India and Central Asia:
Emerging Security and Economic Dimensions
, with Gulshan Sachdeva.

April 22
CACI Forum Finding Solutions for Developing Afghanistan” with H.E. Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, Minister of Finance of Afghanistan.

March 31
CACI Forum "A New Foundation for Afghanistan?" with Amb. Said Tayeb Jawad.

March 16
Silk Road Forum "Has the Turkish Military Been Subjugated, and Is a Liberal Order Emerging in Turkey?", with Halil M. Karaveli. (Stockholm)

March 11
CACI Forum "Does the U.S. have a Caspian Policy?" with C. Boyden Gray and Alexandros Petersen.

February 25
CACI Forum The U.S.-Georgia Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities" with Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili.

January 20
CACI Forum "Israel, Turkey and Azerbaijan: Strategic Shifts?" with Dr. Alexander Murinson.

January 18
Silk Road Forum "Georgia, Russia, and the Future of the West", with Ronald D. Asmus and Svante E. Cornell. (Stockholm).



December 15
CACI Forum "What is at Stake for the U.S. in Afghanistan?" with Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad.

November 18
CACI Forum "From Rhetoric to Reality: Prospects for Turkey's Future and the AKP’s Authoritarian Tendencies" with Gareth H. Jenkins

November 5
Silk Road Conference "Still Headed West? Turkish Foreign Policy in Transition", Stockholm.

October 26
CACI Forum "China and Regional Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan", with Dr. Pan Guang.

October 21
CACI Forum "An IMF View on the Global Economic Crisis in the Caucasus and Central Asia" with Dr. Ratna Sahay.

October 6
CACI Forum "What must be done now to make Afghanistan a Hub of Continental Trade and Transport?" with Wahidullah Shahrani.

September 28
CACI Forum "The Northern Distribution Network to Afghanistan (NDN): Strategic and Economic Implications" with Andrew Kuchins and Thomas Sanderson.

September 14
CACI Forum "Gathering Clouds in Kyrgyzstan", with Baktybek Abdrisaev, Baktybek Beshimov, Robin Phillips and Anthony Bowyer.

June 11
CACI Forum Book presentation and Discussion: The Guns of War of August 2008: Russia’s War in Georgia, with Andrei Illarionov, David J. Smith and Svante E. Cornell.

June 10
CACI Forum “Yusuf of Balasagun: 11th Century Political Philosopher from Present-day Kyrgystan”, with S. Frederick Starr and Rusty Butler.

May 12
Silk Road Forum "Dealing with China: Central Asian Perceptions" with Dr. Marlène Laruelle and Dr. Sébastien Peyrouse

May 8
Silk Road Forum "Turkey’s Neighborhood Policy since 2002" with Dr. Suat Kiniklioglu, Deputy Chairman of External Affairs of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey.

May 6-7
Conference "Sino-Russian Relations in Central Asia and Beyond," SAIS-Nitze School, Johns Hopkins University (Rome Auditorium).

May 5-6
Conference "Eastern Partnership: Towards Civil Society Forum", Prague. Official side-event of the Czech EU Presidency under the auspices of H. E. Mirek Topolánek, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. The conference is organized by the Czech Association for International Affairs in cooperation with the Joint Center and other Institutes.

April 22
CACI Forum “Rising Leaders from Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Afghanistan Offer Recommendations for US Policy towards Their Region, with CACI's current Young Leaders fellows.

March 25
CACI Forum "Stress-testing Central Asia: Financial Crisis and the Banking Sectors of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan", with Sergei Gretsky, William C. Veale and Robert S. Pace

March 18

CACI Forum "NATO and Central Asia: Past and Future" with Dr. Roger Kangas.

March 17
Seminar in Javakheti, Georgia  on "Strengthening National Integration in Georgia",  in cooperation with the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies.

March 11
CACI Forum "Turkey, Russia, and the West in the Caucasus: a Turkish Perspective" with Amb. Ünal Çeviköz.

March 10
Silk Road Forum "EU-Russian Energy Relations: Can Europe Free Itself from Russian Assertiveness?", with Fredrik Erixon.

March 2
Silk Road Forum "Where is Turkey Heading?", with Binnaz Toprak, Haluk Sahin, and Gareth Jenkins, Stockholm. Event Summary now online.

February 25
CACI Forum "Russia: Central Asia's 'Near Abroad', with Paul Goble, Washington DC.

February 23
CACI Forum “What’s at stake at the Manas Airbase?, with Stephen J. Blank and Evan A. Feigenbaum, Washington DC.

January 28
CACI Forum "Impact of Indian events on NATO Initiatives in Afghanistan", with Gen. David Barno and Minister Ali Jalali, Washington DC.

January 26
CACI Forum "Caspian Energy, the US, EU, and Russia", with Amb. C. Boyden Gray, Washington DC.


December 16
CACI Forum: "Turkey and NATO: in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan," with Vahit Erdem. Click here to download audio for this event.

December 10
Conference "Georgia: Opening new Frontiers", in Cooperation with the America-Georgia Business Council.

November 20
Silk Road Forum on "Soviet Cultural Heritage and Nation Building in Uzbekistan" with Dr. Alexander Djumaev, in cooperation with the Department of South and Central Asian Studies, Stockholm University.  

November 19

CACI Forum “Dealing with Ethnicities in a Pluralistic Society,” with Eraly Tugzhanov.

November 17

CACI Forum "Prospects for a Torn Turkey: Turkey's Future, and Its Implications for Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the U.S. Interest," with Halil Karaveli, Svante E. Cornell and S. Frederick Starr. Click here to download audio for this event.

November 7
Silk Road Forum "Security in the South Caucasus: the Armenian Perspective", with H.E. Eduard Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

November 5

CACI Forum "Central Asia and the Caucasus after the August War", featuring participants of the fellowship program for young leaders from Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan. Click here to download audio for this event.

October 10
CACI Forum "Azerbaijan's Presidential Elections in the Context of National and Regional Developments", with Elkhan Nuriyev. Click here to download audio for this event.

October 1
CACI Forum "Policy Recommendations for the Incoming Administration Concerning Central Asia/Afghanistan", with S. Frederick Starr. Click here for an event summary.

July 16
CACI Forum "Turkmenistan after Turkmenbashi", with Richard Pomfret.

July 9
CACI Forum "Kazakhstan in Its Neighborhood", with Richard Weitz. Audio and Summary now available.

June 5
Silk Road Forum "Commonalities Between Russia, Prussia and South Africa: Eurasian Economic Integration in Comparative Perspective", with Dr. Kathleen Hancock, Stockholm.

June 5
Silk Road Forum "Pakistan’s War Against Global Terrorism: the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)" with Dr. Maqsud H. Nuri, Stockholm.

June 4
CACI Forum "WTO Accession: Kazakhstan's Prospects, Kyrgyzstan's Reality", with Zhanar Aitzhanova, Erlan Idrissov, and William Veale. Summary and audio online.

May 22
CACI Forum "New Developments in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization", with Dr. Pan Guang. Event audio and summary online.

May 21
CACI Forum "Renewable Energy in Uzbekistan: A Key to Future Development?", co-organized with the America-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce. Event audio and Summary online.

April 30
CACI Forum "Parliament and Political Parties in Kazakhstan", with Anthony Clive Bowyer, IFES.

April 23
CACI Forum "Russian Nationalism and Central Asia", with Dr. Marlene Laruelle, Senior Fellow, CACI. Summary online.

April 22
CACI Forum "Recent Russian Policies in Georgia: How Should the West Respond?" with H.E. Mr. David Bakradze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia; Mr. Matthew Bryza, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State; Mr. Vladimir Socor; and Svante E. Cornell. Audio and summary online.

March 26
CACI Forum "Fergana Valley: a microcosm of problems and potential in the region", with Pulat Shozimov.

March 12
CACI Forum "From Illicit to Licit Livelihoods: Understanding the Changing Role of Opium in Rural Livelihoods in Afghanistan and One Possible Alternative Crop", with David Mansfield and Keith Disselkoen, Washington DC.(off the record)

March 5
CACI Forum "Kazakhstan's Emerging Middle Class", with John C.K. Daly.

February 13
CACI Forum "Gwadar Sea Port, A New Transportation Hub for Central Asia", with H.E. Mahmud Ali Durrani, Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.S. Audio of event online.

February 7
CACI Forum "White Collar Islamists" with Martha Brill Olcott, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Audio of event and summary now online.

CACI Forum "Pakistan's and Central Asia: Post-Bhutto Implications", with Senator Dr. Javaid Laghari, Pakistan. Audio of event now online.

January 22
CACI Forum "Directions in Language Policy and Practice in Central Asia and South Caucasus", with William Fierman and Dan E. Davidson. Forum summary and audio now online

January 8
CACI Forum "CAREC: A Coming Force in Regional Affairs?" with Johannes Linn, Brookings Institution Wolfensohn Center. Forum summary and audio now online.


December 12
CACI Forum "Kyrgyzstan's South: Zone of Problem or Potential?", with Anthony Bowyer, Eric McGlinchey, and Scott Radnitz. Listen to audio of event here.

December 10

Conference The Azerbaijan-Turkey-US Relationship and Its Importance for Eurasia, Washington DC.

December 6
CACI Forum"Georgia’s Crisis: what’s behind it and where to go from here?", with Vladimir Socor and Svante Cornell. Listen to Audio of event here.

November 19
CACI Forum "Does Turkey Have a Future in Central Asia and the Caucasus?" with Zeyno Baran and Svante Cornell. Summary now online.

November 14
Conference ” The Baltic States Joining Schengen: Opportunities and Challenges” in cooperation with the Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator, Stockholm.

November 12
Silk Road Forum on "Regionalism and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia", with Roy Allison, Stockholm.

October 31
CACI Forum "Armenian Resolutions: Symbols or Substance? Implications for the Caucasus Neighborhood and for European and American Relations There", Washington. Summary now online.

October 19
Roundtable on "Russia in 2008: Domestic and International Challenges", in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sftockholm.

October 17
CACI Forum on "A Decade of Peace in Tajikistan: Who Should Get the Credit?", with Vladimir Sotirov. Summary of the event is online.

October 9
CACI Forum on "Enhancing Investment & Competitiveness in Central Asia and Caucasus", with Dr. Rainer Geiger and Torek Farhadi. Summary of the event is online.

October 8
Workshop on "Europe's energy security: Gazprom's dominance and the role of the Caspian region", with Pavel Baev, Robert Larsson, Vladimir Socor, Elin Suleymanov, and Mamuka Tsereteli.

October 3
CACI Forum on "State of the Uzbek Economy Today", with Prof. Martin Spechler, Indiana University. Summary of event is online.

September 26
CACI Forum on "Central Asian Women: Full Participants Yet?" with six experts on and from the region. Summary of event is online

September 22
Workshop on "Japan's Silk Road Diplomacy: Paving The Road Ahead", Tokyo.

September 12
CACI Forum on "A New Kazakhstan" with H.E. Erlan Idrissov, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to the United States. Event summary now online.

July 18
CACI Forum on "The New Silk Roads: Transport and Trade in Greater Central Asia", 5-7 PM, featuring representatives of Central Asian Trade Ministries and co-authors of recently released book with same title.

22 February 2007
Turkey Forum "The Role of Religion in Turkish Politics", with Prof. Dogu Ergil, organized jointly with Swedish Defense College, Stockholm.

14 February 2007
CACI Forum "New ideas Versus Old Thinking on the Conflicts in Georgia", with Vladimir Socor, Jamestown Foundation. [Click for audio]

8 February 2007
CACI Forum on "Europe and Central Asia", with Pierre Morel, EU Special Representative for Central Asia". (off the record)

8 February 2007
Turkey Forum on "New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy", with Prof. Mensur Akgun, Director of TESEV's foreign policy program, organized jointly with Swedish Defense College, Stockholm.

6 February 2007
CACI Forum on "Central Asian Economic Integration: An American Perspective", with Evan Feigenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. [Click for audio] [Click for PDF version of policy speech]

1 February 2007
CACI Forum on "Kyrgyzstan's New Constitution: A Way Out of the Political Crisis?", with Marat Sultanov, Speaker of Kyrgyzstan's Parliament.[Click for audio]

31 January 2007
CACI Forum "An Afghan Civil Society Movement - Sacrificers for Peace", with Hamed Wardak, the movement's Founder.

22 - 25 January 2007
Workshop on ”Negotiation, Conflict Management and Coalition Building” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


13 December 2006
CACI Forum H.E. Mr. Zurab Noghaideli, Prime Minister of Georgia, spoke on "Three Years After the Rose Revolution: Democratic Reform and Regional Challenges", Washington DC, 5.00-7.00 PM.

13 December 2006
CACI Forum "The Emerging Political Life in Azerbaijan", with Asim Mollazade, Chairman, Democratic Reforms Party of Azerbaijan.

6 December 2006
CACI Forum "The Program for the North Caucasus of Dmitri Kozak, Putin's Special Representative There", with John B. Dunlop, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution.

5 December 2006
Silk Road Forum on “The Energy Security and Geopolitics in Central Eurasia: A Chinese Perspective” with Associate Prof. Guo Xuetang of the Department of Political Science and Deputy Director of Institute of International Politics at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

27 November 2006
Silk Road Forum on “China's Changing Policy on UN Peacekeeping Operations”, with Associate Prof. He Yin of China Peacekeeping CIVPOL Training Center, Armed Police Forces Academy, China.

7 November 2006
Silk Road Forum on “Current trends of contemporary Chinese Studies in Japan” with Professor Kokubun, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. The seminar was held back to back with Dr. Michael Schoenhals, Centre for Languages and Literature, Chinese, Lund University who talked on the Cultural Revolution and his latest book Mao’s Last Revolution.

7 November 2006
Silk Road Forum on “The Politics of History in Sino-Japanese Relations”, with Prof. Kokubun, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

2 November 2006
Silk Road Forum on "China's defense policy and PLA modernization", with Ms. Liu Lin, Academy of Military Science, Beijing, China.

25 October 2006
CACI Forum on "Diplomacy and War in Karabakh: an Unofficial American Perspective", with E. Wayne Merry, American Foreign Policy Council.

20 October 2006
CACI Forum on "Russia-Georgia Relations: Latest Developments", with Mr. Giga Bokeria, Parliament of Georgia, and H.E. Vasil Sikharulidze, Georgian Ambassador to the U.S.

28 September 2006
Silk Road Forum on “Managing the North Korea nuclear problem” with Mark Fitzpatrick, IISS.

27 September 2006
CACI Forum on "Tajikistan in 2006: An Ambassadorial Perspective", with Ambassador Richard Hoagland, former U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan.

20 September 2006
CACI Forum on "Caspian Energy: over-hyped and under-risked?", with Dr. Maureen Crandall, in cooperation with SAIS' International Energy and Environment Program.

11 September 2006
Silk Road Forum on “Central Asia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” with Dr. Pan Guang.

6 July 2006
CACI Forum Address by Hon. Kassymzhomart Tokayev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Washington DC.

29 June 2006
Conference on Minorities and the Georgian State, in cooperation with Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia. Click for program

28 June 2006
CACI Forum Farewell address by H.E. Hafiz Pashayev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United States, 1992-2006.

18-19 May 2006
Workshop on ethnic relations and conflict management in Georgia, in Uppsala.

11 May 2006
Silk Road Forum on "Is Putin's the new De Gaulle? The Chechen and Algerian Wars", with Matthew Evangelista, Uppsala.

May 5, 2006
Conference on "Turkey in Europe: Changes and Challenges", in Stockholm, Sweden.


June 1-2, 2005, Conference on Countering Narcotics and Organized Crime in the Baltic Sea Region, Stockholm, Sweden

May 24, 2005, W. P. Carey Forum: "The U.S.-Afghan Partnership", with H.E. President Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. Listen to President Karzai's Speech

May 19-20, 2005, Conference on New Security Threats in Eurasia: Implications for the Euro-Atlantic Space, Stockholm, Sweden

May 11, 2005, W. P. Carey Forum: "The Rise of the Turkic World", with Hugh Pope, Istanbul Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

May 4, 2005, W. P. Carey Forum: "Kyrgyzstan's Path Toward Democracy", with Ambassador Stephen Young, U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan

April 20, 2005, W. P. Carey Forum: A "Greater Central Asia Partnership" for Afghanistan and Its Neighbors", with S. Frederick Starr, the Center's Chairman

April 14, 2005, W. P. Carey Forum co-sponsored with Georgia Forum: " Georgia's National Security Reform and the Road to NATO and the EU: The 2005 Report of the International Security Advisory Board ", with Ambassador David Smith , Chairman, Georgia Forum and U.S. representative to the International Security Advisory Board for Georgia; Ambassador Jüri Luik, Estonian Ambassador to the United States and former Estonian representative to the International Security Advisory Board for Georgia; and Ambassador Revaz Adamia, Permanent Representative of Georgia to the United Nations

April 11, 2005, Silk Road Forum: "The North Korean Problem: the Post 9/11 Phase" with Prof. Daojiong Zha, Renmin Univeristy, Beijing.

April 8-9, Workshop on Conflict Management and Conflict Prevention in Northeast Asia, Uppsala, Sweden

April 7, 2005 Silk Road Forum: "China's Energy Policies in an Era of Increasing Interdependence" by Daojiong Zha, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director at the Center for International Energy Security, Renmin University, China.

April 6-7, Workshop on Narcotics and Organized Crime in the Baltic region, Riga, Latvia

March 28, CACI Forum co-sponsored with China-Eurasia Forum: "The Water Crisis in Xinjiang", with Dr. Stanley Toops, Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

March 23, 2005, CACI Forum: "The Chechen Insurgency after Aslan Maskhadov", with Ilyas Akhmadov, Visiting Fellow International Forum, National Endowment for Democracy, and Timothy Thomas, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth.

March 17, 2005, Silk Road Forum: "China's Security Strategy on its Periphery" with Dr. Hua Han, Visiting Fellow, Silk Road Studies Program, and School of International Studies, Peking University, Beijing

March 16, 2005, Silk Road Forum: "Efforts to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance in the Post 9/11 Era" with Dr. Trifin Roule, Research Fellow, CACI & SRSP and Senior Intelligence Analyst, Northrop Grumman Corp.

March 16, 2005, CACI Forum: "Parliamentary Elections in Kyrgyzstan", with Dr. Bakyt Abdrisaev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Washington

March 2, 2005, CACI Forum: "Coexistence with Religious Parties and the Tajik Parliamentary Elections", with Dr. Pulat Shozimov, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Tajik Academy of Sciences

February 23, 2005, Silk Road Forum: The Silk Road Studies Program and the Swedish Defence College held a joint lecture on "China's Peaceful Rise - understanding the debate" with Dr. Hua Han, Peking University.

February 15, 2005, CACI Forum, "Post-Soviet Fatal Accidents, Assassinations, and the Death of Zurab Zhvania", with Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Peter Reddaway, George Washington University Emeritus, and Emil Sanamyan, Armenian Assembly of America

January 26, 2005, CACI Forum, "Kyrgyz Parliamentary Elections: Beginning of Post-Akaev Politics?", with Anisa Borubaeva and Anara Tabyshalieva, Visiting Fellows, CACI

January 26, 2005, Silk Road Forum co-sponsored with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs,: "Azerbaijan and Europe: An Evolving Partnership" with Ali Kerimli, Chairman, Popular Front of Azerbaijan Party

January 12, 2005, CACI Forum: "After Ukraine and Georgia: More Velvet Revolutions?", with Thomas Carothers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Stephen Nix, International Republican Institute

August 24, 2004, Silk Road Forum: "China’s Foreign Policy Choices and Security Strategies in East Asia" by Prof. QIN Yaqing, Vice President and Professor of International Studies, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, China.

March 19, 2004, Silk Road Forum: “Creating New Horizons: Chinas Foreign Policy in the Early 21st Century" with Dr. Zhang Tiejun, Department of American Studies,
Shanghai Institute of International Studies.

February 4, 2004, Silk Road Forum: "It's not about the "Heartland": Approaching Geopolitics through the Study of Geo-Gravitational Centers and Pillars of World Politics" by Visiting Senior Research Fellow Dr. Su Hao.