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"Engaging Post-Turkmenbashi Turkmenistan"

March 15, 2007

David Merkel,
F former NSC Director for Central Asia

Thursday, March 15
5-7 PM

1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Room 806

David A. Merkel served as Director for Aegean,  Caucasus and Central Asian Affairs on the  National Security Council in the White House from June 2005-February  2007.  Previously he was appointed by
President George W. Bush as Deputy  Assistant Secretary of the Treasury responsible for International Affairs and  Congressional Relations where he received the Exceptional Service Award, the Treasury Department's second highest award.  Earlier he was Senior  Professional Staff Member for Europe and Eurasia at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee responsible for NATO Enlargement, the Moscow
Treaty, increased  involvement in Central Asia and the South  Caucasus and other European issues.  Before joining the Senate  Foreign Relations Committee he was a member of the Leadership staff as Senior Foreign and Defense Policy Advisor for the House Policy Committee, chaired by Congressman Christopher Cox (R-CA).  Mr. Merkel served as principle author and editor of the Speaker's Advisory Group on Russia Report, established by Speaker Hastert to report on US-Russia relations and to provide policy recommendations. David Merkel has been a director with the Eurasia Foundation,  and an Election Analyst with the Joint Election Observation Mission Tajikistan. Mr. Merkel is a member of  the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.

Please note that seating for this event is limited to 60 people.

Refreshments will be served at 5 pm.

To RSVP please send an email with your name and affiliation to caci2@jhu.edu or call (202) 663-7721. RSVP list will be distributed to all guests.

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